February 28, 2011

Wow, lots going on.
i will talk to the other Elders to see what we are going to do. but its important to know if i will be going in the fall or in the winter. we are doing great here in los andes, working hard and finding some really incredible people. to tell the truth, i didn't write down what happened this week but i will try and do it for this week that comes. i am excited and nervous to be going up to BYUI. i try not to think about it to try and focus on the work. we heard about the new mission president. they will change mission presidents when i have one change left in the mission i think. so that will be interesting to have my famous last interview with the new president. My companion Elder Rhodes knows the new president really well and he is awesome. time goes by fast. Well love you guys, talk to you later.
Elder Nelson

February 21, 2011

Hey family, im alive. sorry i could not write last week, another activity, that left like no time to do anything. we had a great week. full of trials and miracles and great blessings. we are working hard, i really feel the urgency of the work now. time is ticking and instead of making me unfocused i am trying to do the opposite, and work harder than ever. i am excited to go to BYU, if i end up going to BYUI then there are 2 other elders that want to room with me that are going to get back at like the same time, right before me actually, and want to room together, which would be a lot of fun. just so you know the earthquake was in the south and the was hardly any damage down, we only felt it a little bit. the atv thing looks really cool, Super Bakan, as they say here in chile. thanks you everything, i always feel your love and support and am very grateful for it.
Les amo,
De corazon,
Elder Nelson

Como estan? Por falta de tiempo voy a escribir a los dos en español. es mas facil para mi igual. Me hace muy feliz de escuchar de ustedes. Ojala que todo este bien con los tres. estamos trabajando muy fuerte para encontrar y bautizar aquí en Chile. Sé que Dios siempre esta preparando el corazon de las personas para recibir el evangelio en sus vidas. Vimos milagros en nuestro semana los cuales me ayuden recordar del amor que Dios tiene para nosotros, y hacia sus hijos. muchas gracias por todo su apoyo y sus oraciones. si puedan orar por Matías y dario, dos personas que son increible que estamos enseñando.
les amo tanto
De corazon,
Elder Nelson

Translated to English by Kevin:
How are you? Because I don't have much time, I'm going to write to you in Spanish. It is just as easy for me. It makes me happy to hear from you. I hope that everything is well for you three. We are working very hard to find and baptize here in Chile. I know that God is always preparing the hearts of the people to receive the Gospel in their lives. We see miracles in our week which help me to remember the love that God has for us and his children. Thanks for your support and prayers. If you could pray for Matias and Dario, two incredible people that we are teaching.
Love you so much,
Elder Nelson

February 7, 2011

Hows it going? i am very sorry to hear about what happened, it does give a greater appreciation for the Plan of Salvation. that has to be so hard to pass through. we have had a very good week, like every week in the mission. a week in which i was able to learn a great deal. time passes by very fast and i feel the urgency of the work a lot more. it is a good time to reflect and look at the things that really matter. what is really worth our time, our leaders have taught us to choose between not only things that are good and bad but thinks that are good and things that are better. i have been studding a lot about how to learn the will of God and how to shape our lives to match his will. i have found that prayer is one of our best tools, that along with applying the atonement in our lives.
it sounds like everyone in the fam is doing great and dad will be great at his new calling, i love scouting. he will be developing a lot of patience (cuz his kids are perfect so he didn't need to develop any with us) :)
about my birthday i was actually wondering if i could save up to get into snowboarding when i get back. i dont know if that would be too much, but if im going up north for school i would like to get into it. as far as packages goes i love pictures.

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( ok i really have no idea on what day you guys got married, not going to lie)
you guys are great examples for us, thank you so much for everything that you have done for us.
Love you guys,
Elder Tyler Nelson