August 26th, 2009

hey how is it going! thank you all for the great letters that you have sent me. The ties were great thank you( don't worry Kevin i just wanted some to trade with my district, the ugler the tie the better you get for it, although i apreciate the concern.) This week has been the crazyest week i have had here. One of my teachers left us to go back to school and i am going to miss him greatly. he has been the biggest influence on me since i have gotten here. he is the coolest guy that i know, and the most spiritual. Next on my list to be translated. then on tuesday one of my roommates (Elder Ganem) blacked out in the bathroom and split his head open, it was crazy! he came walking up to me and told me he couldn't remember anything, then he felt his head and all the blood on his head. he then droped to the floor and started shaking. anyway long story short we got him out of there and now he has 4 staples in his head, hes alright now. by the way inorder to help stop the blood(and there was a lot of it) i had to use most of my white socks because it was the only thing we had at the time. i was wondering if you could send me somemore. some of those short ones that i used to ware will work great. i really apprieciate it. enough about that though. Mom i totally want you to read Jesus the Christ is has really helped me understand the Savior, it would be so cool if you did that and you can even tell me about it if you want, i love talking about it and my comp has not read it yet. yesterday at the devo. we had our first apostle. Elder Scott came and talked with us it was so cool. there is just a different spirit when he was there. DandC 128:22 is a good one( i think that is the right ref.) check it and see if it is the one about going on in so great a work, i dont have my Sticks with me at the moment. i will be able to call you when i am at the airport. i asked my branch Pres. and he said he wants me to. so we dont have our flight plans yet but it is on Sept. 14 and i think we have to be at the airport at 12 noon but im not sure. one otherthink i was wondering about that memorie card i sent home, if you were sending it back. its no big deal i just would like to take a few more pics. i hope the cabin is going well i liked the pics you sent me. thank you. Jessie i think its great that you are doing that marathon. and i wish i could do it with you! but i love it here and wouldnt be anywere else. i love the gospel and am coming to a greater understanding of what it means to me everyday. well out of time. Love you all and thank you for your prayers it means alot. till next week.

Pictures! August 21, 2009

We got some pictures from Elder Nelson today!!

Mom taught this Elder well...

Spanish drink:
Elder Nelson and his district:
Elder Nelson:

Zone Picture:

August 19th, 2009

"I will just leave you with one thing that I found out that's kind of cool. In the L de M (Book of Mormon), there is a phrase that is said by Mormon 24 times. To me when he says it, it's like he is telling you to step back and listen to whats being said. It is Mormon adding in an important key point that he wanted us to know. The phrase is "And thus we see...". I think it's very cool to see the correlation between them all and as it goes through them what Mormon wanted us to "see". Any way, I thought you would like that. If you need the versus, then let me know, but I found it was a lot of fun to try and find them. A few of the versus, he says it twice, so ther is not actually 24 versus, but 24 times he says that phrase...."

Love, Elder Nelson

August 19, 2009

Hey family. How is it going? so i have started basically doing everything in spanish. From here on out all the lessons are in spanish and my teachers mostly speak in spanish. i will hopefully start picking it up better. i will say that the most effective way i have found to learn spanish so far is to read out of the B of M in spanish and to just teach as many times as i can. i am still not very good but am suprised at how much i do know. i am sad to say that i have gained some weight here at the mtc but i am trying to lose it all. infact i have not had any soda for 3 weeks and probably wont for the rest of my stay here at the mtc. it is cool because 2 of the teachers here in my zone are natives from chile. so we have been getting a lowdown on what its like from them. i guess they have a breakfast, big lunch, and no dinner, or sometimes a dinner at like 1030, so i wont be having dinner most likely. so that will be weird. Jared came here to the mtc. it was great to see him. i dont get to see him much though which is to bad. i loved getting an email from both of you, thanks for writing! i need to take your advise and write in a journal. for some reason that is really hard to do, and i haven't really been doing that. but i will make a better effort because i really want to remember all the things that have happen to me here. i do have one request, i told jessie about this in a letter i sent her but it came back....2 TIMES....i also sent her some pictures so im hoping she will get it some time this week. anyway i was wondering if you could send me some ties. some poly ties to be more exact. the fatter and the uglyer the better. but i really really want some more. so if its not to much trouble and you have time i would love to get some kind of soon. if you could get a bag of them like we got before that would be great. by the way thanks for the callender and the flip-flops. they were exactly what i needed. well life is going good here, im working as hard as i can and somehow am able to stay awake during the week. it is most likely a miracle! on that note i am reading Jesus the Christ right now and am loving it. for the first time i feel like a am really getting to know the Savior personally. i would recommend that you read it again sometimes, it is a great book. well i am out of time so i love you and have a great week!
Love,Elder Nelson
P.S. i will keep grandma and grandpa in my prayers and i hope that they will be all right, please keep me updated.

August 12, 2009

Hey everyone!

This week has been great! it is the last week we are teaching in english, the rest of the time is in spanish! the only problem is i don't speak spanish. I am so happy to hear everything is going well back home. Thank you to everyone who has been writing me, and keep up the good work. Thanks to all my family and friends for the support it means so much to me.( Breanna thanks for writing fanally!) i tried to send more pics to Jessie but it got sent back, so i will try to send it again. it just has a pic of me for that mission thing mom needed it for and a pic of my Zone and district. it is strange to think of myself as the OLDER group. but all the new guys coming in seem so young. the "Idioma" is coming along, but i still have so much to learn. i was very cool doing a practice spanish first lesson the other day. (very short) and was supprised at how much i know.

Jessie and Kevin, Thank you so much for all the support you have given me. you have been a great Brother and Sister to me and it has been a great souce of strength.

Thanks to everyone who sent me letters. i love getting them. Thank you Chad, mom, dad, Bre, Jessie and kevin, Aunt Lori, and Lindsay and everyone else who wrote me.

thank you sister Lewis for the package it was great to hear from you and to be able to read that letter of Stevan's.

Anneke, sorry i haven't written you a letter yet. i hope everything is going well- school and work and everything.

Breanna I hope your job works out. just stick with is and it will get better.

By the way the flip flops are just and pair, (ones that can get wet in the shower and wont be slick when wet). for my daily exercise i workout mostly, but i have been playing a lot of soccer with these english Elders in this district going to Romania. They are way good, and my district looses mostly but they are very cool and we have a lot of fun. i have not played volleyball yet but hopefully will sometime. i did not really have a caffeine headache so that was cool, (I guess the lord really blessed me because I should have had a huge one!) i actually am trying to go the whole time here at the MTC without drinking Soda(not fun). in response to your quandrary(YES) you should just do all three!(just kidding)-but really you should!!

Kevin your letter was way cool because i could read almost all the spanish you put in there. i will write something in spanish back sometime. Im glad you like your new ward and house. i hope the job is going well, im glad you like your crew.

Chad thanks for writing and hope your eagle review goes well (and mom did not go to mine ether).

By the way, i went to the temple today and did initiatories also, it was way cool, i haven't done those since my own.

Dad i hope everythings going well at work and with the cabin, i miss it very much. i love you all and sorry if i didn't answer all your questions. i will try to write some of you during the week.

Love you all,Tyler Nelson

August 5th, 2009

Hey everyone how are you doing? I found out how to print off my emails, so don't worry about not emailing me. send me as many as you want! Mom thanks for the email. its great on wed. because we get to go to the temple. It really fine tunes your abiility to feel the spirit. in fact that is what our devotional was on. we have not gotten anyone higher than a seventy but they still have been great. i did write Stevan and just read the letter. i am so happy he is doing well. i got Jareds letter and hope i get to see him when he gets here. one other thing i was hoping you could send me is a wash cloth for my face. i sent a letter to Jessie with info. on the calendars but i just want one for each year, some of those larger nice ones. that would be great. and thank you once again. i got the pics, it was nice to be able to show people my family. it would be cool to get pics of the cabin also. Dad, how is the cabin going? have you been able to go up there yet? that is one of the things i miss the most, besides all of you of course! i will send you that pic of me and i also have one of my district on there. i found some padded slips to put them in from the bookstore. i am glad that you all are healthy and doing well. Bree and chad i am still waiting for you to write me!! you can email if you would like. Bree i hope you are about to find a job( although you probably dont want to actually find one) and hope school and life is going well. Chad i hope you are staying fit and getting big(although you will never get bigger than me!!) hope sports and school and most importaintly girls are going well. Jessie and kev, thanks for all the support it really means alot!! love you mom and dad, hope you are getting used to living without me(i know its hard). love you all and be sure to write me lots!!!!

Elder Nelson

July 30th, 2009

Dear Family,

I did get to go to the temple on Wed which was amazing. The spanish is hard. I feel like the more I learn the less I know. But I am sure it will come to me. I am doing good (I still miss you very much) and am getting stronger and more focused as the days go on. The biggest change is I now have a strong desire to know as much about the scriptures as I can. I love them! It comes in part from one of my teachers Hmo. Hansen. He is a great guy, my favorite teacher by far. He has only been off his mission 7 months and knows the scriptures like no one I have ever seen. I wish I had more time to just read the scriptures. Tell Dad I love him and I really miss the time we got to spend together. I hope Bre and Chad are doing well. Thanks for everything! I love letters! Tell everyone to write and I am sorry to those I don't have time to write.

Elder Nelson