Pictures! July 26th, 2009

Along with the pictures, Elder Nelson sent a little explaination about some of the pictures:
Dear Jessie,
So after I found out you wanted pictures, I went around taking pictures of everthing. There are a few with me and Elder Gibsen in it. he is my comp. (the blonde one). Most are just random. the building is the one I sleep in, the Snow Building (which is way cool). Some of them are just crazy stuff that happens when you get a bunch of 19 year olds together. Most of them are with people from my district (there are 10 in my district). The ones doing the matrix are my ZL's (that was sweet). And yes, I fight Satan with a real lightsaber! JK If there are any pictures you want me to take, let me know. We will take a zone picture and a dsitrict picture sometime. I just don't know when. Some of them are of my room, I sleep on the top and there are 4 in a room. The big bronze guy is explained in one of the pics. I tried to explain what I could but most of the make no sense anyway, so sorry about that. Anyway, I love you guys and want to thank you for your prayers, I have felt them. I am doing great and am learning lots.
Love, Elder Nelson

July 22, 2009

Dear Family,
Sorry that I didn't get a chance before to email you. Today is my first p-day and I just got my email. I hope by now you got my letters or will get them soon. I saw the Platts on Tues. It was nice to see a face I knew for a change. I saw them at the big tuesday night devotional which was great. Brother and Sister Groberg talked about missionary work and helping people get to the temple and how that is what we should focus on and how sometimes we get thinking only about getting people in the water. By the way Groberg is the guy that the movie the other side of Heaven was based on. He did a great job. So missionary life has been busy as is expected. I'm not as homesick which is good. We were suppose to go to the temple and do a session but as we got there I realized I had forgotten my temple recommend. By the time we ran all the way back we missed our session. My comp. wasn't too happy with me after that. Thanks for the food. It was good and it was nice to get a package. Tell Jessie whatever she wants to send I would love to get and thanks for the letter. I do need Jessie's address and any other you can give me. I don't have many pictures yet as there hasn't been much time to take them but when I get her address I can send the chip with what I have. I forgot to tell you we also taught the first lesson the other day in english for the first time. It was great! The spirit was so strong and I know that what we were teaching was true. I love the gospel and know it is God's true church. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and I know it testifys of Christ and is the most correct book on the earth. I love you all and hope you are doing well.
Love Elder Nelson

July 20, 2009 & July 21, 2009

Here are two more letters from Elder Nelson. He has been recieving a couple of letters and is thrilled to be hearing from people. Thank you!

Dear Family
The last few days have been some of the hardest and rewarding of my short life. I am doing well. I don't want you to worry about me just know that I am in the Lord's hands. Things have gotten much better now that the first week is over. I wrote the first letter that Thurs and the second the next day so I was very homesick and still am just not nearly as much. I would like to give you my testimony of the power of prayer. I have prayed more this last week then I have my whole life and have had an outpouring of the spirit upon me because of it. I have let God guide my time and my thoughts while here through prayer and the Holy Ghost and have been blessed because of it. I love my companion and my district. We get along great. I won't most likely write this much from now on because I need to focus on learning to invite others to come unto Christ but I will at least once a week. I love all of you and am thankfull for everything you have done for me. Sorry that my writing and spelling is so bad. I hope you can read it. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the gospel was restored through him. I know that Jesus Christ died for us so that we can return to live with God again. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Love you all Elder Nelson

Dear FAmily
I just got your letters here on Mon. Thanks it was really great to hear from you. I am doing great. I love the gospel and the spirit that is here at the MTC. I now have a real love for the Book of Mormon and I almost wish I could spend my whole time reading it. OUr devotionals are on Tues and I am very excited. My roommates are great. We have a good solid district and Elder Gibson and I work well together. I am very glad for your letters because I was the only one who had not gotten one yet in my district. You will probably get all the letters I sent right in a row so sorry about that but these first few days have been difficult and it has been a nice outlet. Like I said before this will not be normal most likely but I will try to write when I can. I would just like to give you my testimony that the gospel is true. That Christ is our Lord and Savior and through him we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again. I also know the Book of Mormon is true. (He then wrote a bunch of stuff in Spanish that I can't read) Love you all! Elder Nelson

News about Elder Nelson!

A senior couple is in the MTC with Tyler. They are from our AZ ward. They were able to see Tyler and this is what Sister Platt had to say... Thanks Brother and Sister Platt!!

Dear Cindi: We went to the devotional tonight. John Groberg was the speaker and it was an excellent evening. Oh, but that's not what you want to hear, is it? Before the devotional began we stood at our "down front" seats and faced the back, looking for Elder Nelson. As it happened, he found us. It's actually easier for young missionaries to find the senior missionaries because we are fewer in number and concentrated in one area. We had a few minutes to chat. . . long enough to ascertain that he is absolutely thrilled to be there. We met his companion who seemed like a good fellow. He is pleased with the language progress he's making. He is already able to bear his testimony in Spanish and is working on the first discussion. He is lit up like a light bulb with enthusiasm and confidence. It was really good to see him. I doubt that you could be any more pleased with your son than you already are but if it's possible to go up a notch or two, you have every right to do so. His P-day is Wednesday but he said they haven't assigned them the email privileges yet so I don't know if you should expect an email tomorrow. He said he had sent you several letters in lieu of emails.He is going to love Santiago. It's a beautiful city. Tomorrow is our last day and we fly home on Thursday morning. This went fast! Mitch was going to call Dave and tell him about seeing Elder Nelson but I thought you'd like an email.

1st Letter - July 15th, 2009

Mom and Dad got their first letter from Elder Nelson! It was waiting for them at home when they got there. He is doing great and already very immersed in the studies and activities they are doing at the MTC. His P-day is on Wednesday, so we will hopefully hear again from him sometime this week. He expects the first week to be the hardest, as he has heard that it is, so your prayers and love will be very much appreciated.

Also, his address was enclosed and it has changed slightly. It is correctly written over there ------------------->

July 15th, 2009

Elder Nelson- Getting Ready to go! He reported to the MTC at 12:30pm.
We walked from Wymount Apartments to the MTC...
Kevin and Jessie Brother Chad
Mom and Dad Saying "Chau!"
We already wanted him back.... :)
Elder Tyler Nelson
Santiago Chile, North Mission
Elder Nelson entered the MTC on Wednesday July 15th, 2009. The purpose of this blog is to share Elder Nelson's experiences during his mission with friends and family. Through pictures and his emails, we hope you will keep in touch (and maybe send a couple of letters???) in support of this great missionary!!