June 28, 2010

Chile is playing today verses Brazil, it is crazy here. it has been like 12 years since Chile has been to a world cup. Chile is kind of funny, when they lose they like to destroy things, and when they win they still like to destroy things. we cant even go into the center of town today. we accomplished our goal last month with bautizmos, so we had a sports day. it was a lot of fun. we played soccer for about 3 hours. also me and my comp in the morning went on a hike up a hill that is very big. here in Renca there is a hill that has a great big cross on top we hiked to the top in the morning, to watch the sun rise. it was very cool. i will send you some pictures. we just have been here working hard and helping the people come unto Christ. i love my work. it sounds like you are also having some great experiences with missionary work. well thank you so much for everything i will talk to you later. also i got your package, thank you so much. also please thank the Scotts for me, it meant a lot to get something from them.

June 21, 2010

Dad Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!! i hope you had a great day, and was able to rest a little. it sounds like you all are going to have a great time at Lake Powell. i'm glad to hear that everyone is doing great and enjoying life, but sorry, I am enjoying life more here in Chile on the mission. :) I love the mission and the time is going by way too fast. Something a little fun here is, as i'm sure you know, Chile is playing in the World Cup Tournament and today just won their second game a few minutes ago. It is really crazy here. People going crazy in the street. It was hard to find a place to use Internet because everywhere was closed. not a day goes by when we don't hear something about futbol. and chile is good this year. Well, we are teaching and baptizing here in Chile still. So, life goes on even when there's the World Cup playing. It is amazing how God is always preparing his children to receive the gospel. well i love you all and hope you all have a great trip. Sorry this is short, i will think of a few good stories for the next time. actually i just thought of a story. we received a reference of an inactive member, a friend that he had. and we passed by it the next day. When we got there he let us come in and asked if we could pray with his family because his abuelo was dying. we went into the room and there was like ten people there all crying. so we asked if we could have a prayer with them. they said yes. so i said the prayer and then spoke to them about the plan de salvacion. it went well and we were about to leave when my comp said, "Do you believe that God can heal people? If he wills it?" They said yes. And then he said we hold the power and authority to heal people who are sick. we asked if we could give him a blessing and they let us. I sealed the oil and my comp gave the blessing. as we left we told them if it is the will of God, he will be made whole. The spirit was very strong during all of it. Like a heat and a light in the room. The man died a few hours later, but I know that God is preparing that family for the gospel in the future. The things we are called to do as 20 year old boys here in the mission is incredible. Oh yeah, also we were in divisions that day and the elder I was with said that the day before he had a dream in which during divisions that day, us or our comps would be called to give a blessing. And that something very good would come from it. It was a good day. Well I will talk to you all later.
Love, Elder Nelson

June 14, 2010

ok i will send some pictures. i don't have many good ones but here they are. it is really cool that you guys had that chance to see the miracle of a baptism, every one that happens is a miracle, its incredible how God prepares His children. we had the chance to go to the temple on Friday. that was amazing, we had a great time, it was very spiritual, and i learned a lot. i love my area and my comp. we are just working hard here in Santiago. i love you guys and will talk to you later.

June 7, 2010

Hey hows it going! sorry that i sound all gangster like now. i will try and tone it down a little. we had a great week the work is going forth en ful like they say here in Chile. we have really seen the hand of the lord guiding us here in Chile. in the last few days i have seen miracles here, things that just work out so perfect, and you know that all of it is of God. i am learning tons every day, and am very happy for the chance that i have to be here. it sounds like you all are doing great, and enjoying your time. always remember to put God first and he will fill your lives with the blessing of heaven. i love you all and thank you so much for your love and your prayers.
and i love the pictures, they are sweet! also i got the graduation cards. they are very very nice.
love you guys,
Elder Nelson