November 29, 2010

hey, hows it going? im glad that you had a great thanksgiving. it was my first thanksgiving that i didnt do anything, so that was a little funny. my comp is from canada so his thanksgiving is in october, so we just didnt really remember. i got your package the other day thanks so much, i am excited to be able to open it. we are living in an apartment with 4 missionaries, its kind of crazy because i have only ever lived with my comp before, but its a lot of fun. we are teaching a few families that are really great, we are working really hard, i want to give my comp the chance to get his first baptism. i love the mission and never want it to end, its the best thing that i have ever done. actually i wanted to ask you how you feel about me buying some protein, thats kind of a weird question but i was thinking it would help me alot stay in shape.
Love all of you thank you all for everything.
Elder Tyler Nelson

November 21, 2010

This thanksgiving weekend, i wanted to first express my gratitude for everything that you guys have done as parents and as examples, for me. everything that i am right now i can trace back to my family. thanks for putting up with us all this time. thanks for answering my request with the blessing that you have received. it helped a lot. so that you know i got the interview with pres. and he said that he will put it online and today i will try and write the other essay. if you want to go through and change or correct things i don't have a problem with that. they're not very good and i didn't know what else to write. actually that first one i wrote in my last year of high school, and it doesn't really answer the question. we are doing great here in Los Andes, the country!!! I'm happy to be back in the country, the people are nicer. these last few weeks have been the hardest and most rewarding weeks that i have had in the mission. i love my companion and i love the chance i have to have to train him, because i feel like hes the one that's training me. we had a conference with Elder Corbridge from the 70. that was incredible, i testify that he is called of God, and that this church is the true church. well i love you guys and thank you for everything. I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!! i don't want it to ever end. in fact i am making the decision right now to always be a representative of Jesus Christ and to always help to build the kingdom of God.
Elder Tyler Nelson

November 15, 2010

hey hows it going! I'm doing great here in the country. actually i have new been more busy than ever in all my life. I'm training a new elder called elder Payne from Canada, Alberta. a great elder. i am really blessed to have him as my companion. i am opening a new sector here, starting from nothing. in a part where there are very little members living in my sector. i feel like I'm new in the mission again, a great and very scary feeling. i think i am learning what it really means to have confidence in God, faith in his strength and not my own. i will say i have never been so tired in all my life. but its a good feeling and i am determined to have success, for the sake of my companion who new in the mission. sorry i have not been able to write the essays but I'm getting on to it. if i don't get it done today i will for sure have it in the next Monday. the interview i am still trying to set up, it has been a little hard to do it, but I'm working on it.
i wanted to ask you guys, all you guys, to answer a question in preach my Gospel. it says to ask you guys to share how you have been blessed or what blessing you have received as you have lived a certain commandment? Or how has our family been blessed when we have obeyed the law of tithing? something i can use with investigators.
Love you guys, thank you for all your support and for your prayers.
Love Elder Tyler Nelson

also i forgot to tell you that i kind of bought my xmas gift. today i bought an exercise thing to use. It's really useful. i will be able to use it the whole mission. thanks ;) for the gift, its what i have always wanted. love you guys

November 8, 2010

transfers!!!! i am leaving the city and heading for the country. to a city called Los Andes and i get to train and open a new sector. so we will see how that goes. it was hard to leave a sector after 6 months, you grow to really love the people. but im very excited to get to work and explore this sector. we have been very busy and now i will be the busiest i have ever been in the mission. but im very excited. we are waiting to meet up with the new elders and then go to are sector for the first time. i am doing great, thank you for everything. sorry its short but, thats all i got. love you guys and im glad everything is great.
Talk to you later!!
Elder Tyler Nelson

November 1, 2010

hey hows it going, don't worry it was a little bite, you cant even see it now. but they have to take every precaution. so i got on line to look at the application. thanks for doing so much of it. (i just found out i could do that, the smiley faces) but I'm kind of lost as to what parts you have done and what i need to do, the interview and answer the two questions right? sorry im not focused on college, i think i want to get it done so i dont have to worry- i dont know why- thank you for everything love you guys and will talk to you later.
Elder Nelson