April 25, 201

Hey, i am doing great!!! i just got transferred. it has been really hard, because i got comfortable in the same sector for 6 months. but thats the mission. i am in a new sector called curacavi, out side of santiago again. it looks like i will end outside of santiago. but im happy to be in the country. my companions name is Elder Melendez he is from El Salvador. it is hard some times for me working with native spanish speakers, not because of the language, because i always speak spanish anyway, its just hard to live with one. but he is great and i am excited for the chance to work here. we will have a lot of success. i love the mission for the chances and challenges that it gives. thats alright that your not going to come pick me up here in chile, i think its better that way. i am not sure about the calls but normally they are after 3 and before 5 or 6 just to give you a ballpark. i will give you the number to call next monday.
i love you guys, thank you for everything.
Elder Nelson

April 18, 2011

Hey hows it going!!
I am doing great, i got this paper from the office that i need to fill out. but i forgot the paper in the house, from my memory i will try and remember all of it.
i think i need to know,
airport, which don't remember
if you guys are going to come pick me up, and I'm not sure how to do that,
phone number
well...... thats all i remember but i think that there was more. thats all right next week i will let you know.
well we have had a great week, Elder Amado came and talked to our stake here, so that was great.
like always i struggle finding things to say. but we are working hard and trying to help a ward with a lot of problems.
Tal vez me va a matar por no decir mas, pero....
Love you guys and i am forever grateful for your ejemplos and the support that you have given. ,
Elder Nelson

April 11, 2011

Hows it going!! im glad that lots of great and exciting things are happening. :) the taxes are fun. just kidding. i am doing great, we are working hard, i have been a little sick but ok. no i have not received a release day yet. i am hoping that i will not receive one and they will just forget. but just to give you a ball park, transfer day will be the 18 of July, and normally you leave that day. so that is my guess. well things are great and getting a little cold, but thats normal around this time. i have realized that i hate the cold, so it will be fun in Idaho. love you guys,
Elder Nelson

April 4, 2011

Hey hows it going,
Conference was great!!!
I did learn a lot watching it. we had a fair amount of success bringing investigators, i feel more converted to the Gospel after watching it. sorry i have not been writing very many stories, i have been sending more pictures to make up for it. i will admit i get a little lazy writing, but i still love you guys!!
this week i was able to dig a trench for some investigators that really need some help, that was a lot of fun.
we are teaching this amazing family that went to conference and loved it, it has been a great spiritual experience with them. Roma is the mom, Fransica the daughter(14), and Diego(10). Diego is the coolest little kid, in the hardest of circumstances. he is sick and has to be hooked up to a machine a lot to keep alive, the doctors say he lives on spirit and will, that he will not live long. he remains optimistic always and has a way of helping me feel the love of Christ in my life. he is a very special Kid and i get emotional just thinking about him. God loves him, as he loves all of us, in ways and in amounts we do not understand or comprehend.
we also talked to a guy that very seriously thought that the entire church and especially the missionary network is a spy organization, and he gave us a very convincing argument, i almost believed him. it was a man that spoke very well in English and that lived in the states, and that new a lot about the church. he kind of sounded like a Chilean spy. :) we joked around with him for a while, he was a very cool guy, in completely convinced that i work for the C.I.A. that was a funny contact.
i love missionary work and the gospel, i love witnessing the blessings that come flooding into our lives when we are worthy to have the spirit.
thank you for everything,
Love you guys,
Elder Nelson