October 26, 2009

Hi family! thank you for the letters! i am really really sorry but i am going to have to cut this really short i have been having some problems with myldsmail and it deleted the email i sent to you (a really long one i swear) and the one i sent to dad. thank you some much for your emails and for the package i did get it this last tuesday! this week has been great, one of the best i have had. we had a baptism this sunday my first! and i got the opportunity to be the one to baptize, it was a great experience. well i love you all and am really sorry i dont have time to write more but i am going to try and send some photos also. by the way i am staying in batuco with the same comp.
Elder Tyler Nelson

October 19, 2009

Hi! Hows it going ! it has been a great week! first of all i want to say happy birthday to Dad, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i got you something but you will have to wait a little while because im not sure how to send it yet. but you will get it sometime, it just may be in two years. Sorry for that, but i am thinking of you. i dont know where my graduation thing is sorry, i thought it was in my closet somewere. i didnt get your package yet, but i get them on tuesday along with the dearelders and letters so if it came this past week then i will get them tomorrow. the most difficult thing for me right now is the spanish, but i am learning more and more everyday. i wish i was able to say everything that i wanted to say but thats ok because the spirit is what teaches not me. we have a posibility for a baptism this next sunday, so i am supper excited about it, just to be here, even though i dont understand much and cant say much, just to see the gospel change peoples lives is a great blessing. today on our pday we got the opportunity to go to TGI Fridays with a member, felipe and his wife, they are the ones that we are renting part of their house from. it was great to be able to have some american food! even though they ¿chileainised? it, so it was very different. it was nice to have something that doesnt have avacado on it, because they put it on everything here. they drove us into santiago to the rich part where they have all the american stores and restaurants, we were going to go bowling also but we didnt have time. we actually transfer every six weeks, so this week could be my last week in batuco, but i really hope i stay here for another transfer, because i like the country and the people here. but i will go were i need to go and do what i need to do. we got to speak in church this last week, the whole meeting just me and my comp. very interesting. i spoke on the atonement which is a very dear subject to me, and i was hoping for the spirit to make up for my bad spanish. let bre know that she can email me if she wants also, the pres. lets us email anyone we want, we just have to email him first, our family next, then whoever else. but not important, i love getting letters as well. well i think that thats all, the work is going forward with all speed here and i am super excited to be a part of it. Love you all and will try to send you pictures next week. ¡hasta luego!
(Your Favorite son on a mission)Elder Tyler (and Two names i try and wear with honor)David Nelson

October 12, 2009

Hola! Como Esta! i didnt get the package lo siento, i will try and send pictures next week. i might get it tomorrow because i get all the letters and packages on tuesday of everyweek. well everything is going great here, me and my comp are getting to know each other here, i lost 13 POUNDS which is crazy(since the MTC). which is way cool. we have some great investigators that we are teaching. we have two that if they would just get married then they would get baptized, we are working on it. we had our mission conference and interviews this week, which was great i am always happy to see President May and Sister May. im glad that you had fun on your califonia trip, i have always wanted to go to six flags. i hope the Jones are doing great! and nick also. also i was wondering if you could get me grandma and grandpas email (both nelson and sheldon) that would be great. writing letters is a little difficult because we have to go into colina or santiago to mail them, and Grandma and Grandpa wrote me and i would love to write them back. anyway if you read this thank you so much for your letter it was great to hear about your hikes and tripes. i also got your dearelder mom, about the roosevelt trip this past tuesday, i loved getting that letter also thank you so much. anyway the people here are great, i really love it here and would not want to be anywere else. we have talked to some great people and had some very interesting contactos. but my favorit part is seeing peoples faces change when you share the message of the restored gospel with them. here there are alot of churches that remind me of the baptist church. they have local bands that play and get kind of crazy, for example in the park on sunday there was this band playing and a guy up there yelling HE LIVES! over and over(very interesting) all night. it is quite a difference and it just sucks the spirit right out of the atmosphere. their reaction was funny though when we walked right past them. but i understand more and more spanish everyweek, but it is still difficult, it is getting better, much better. President May gave me some great advice and it has really helped me learning the language. i had Elder Ojeda email me some pictures from conference that i am going to try and send to you, i might just end up just forwarding it to you. anyway it is of me and my comp and some of our zone, but not all, and one random person that just happened to be there,and then the other pic is of two sisters in our zone who we got the pic from, so enjoy. well have a great week hopefully i will get that package by the way i did send the camera type to dad, anyway not important. love you! talk to you next week.
Elder Tyler Nelson

October 5, 2009

Hola! hows it going! Conference was great! my favorite was Elder Holland about the book of mormon. it was one of the most powerful talks that i have ever heard. well now to start on the questions. well it is still kind of cold here but it is starting to warm up. which is great because the people here dont know what insilation is. i wish i could send you some pictures of the place. we have bikes which is cool, you only get them if you are out in the country side. it takes us like 45 mins. to get into santiago, but i feel like it is a long ways away. i feel settled in for the most part, the food is good here when we eat with the members, we have a member that does our laundry which is great. conference was fantastic, i have never gotten so much out of it before, i felt like they talked alot about charity or love which is cool because that is the focus this cambia for us. that idea for christmas is great i really do want a jersey. today for pday we played football with my zone. it was a lot of fun, there were only 3 white people there the rest were latinos and are way good. it was great to hear about the game i hope hamilton does well this year and doesnt blow it later on like they did my senior year. i can listen to any hymns and i was wondering if you could send me if its not to expensive a cd player and some small speakers, with some mormon tab. if it is to expensive then please dont and i will try and get it here. i dont want you to have to spend too much money. for the most part i have enough for what i need, i did take out some money (80 i think) because i am supposed to have some for emergences. and i wanted some out incase i wanted something like a shirt or something. but im trying to not spend any money of my own. we live in the house of this member family who is building this big house right next to us. we use part of their old house. its nice and not in to bad of shape( the bathroom is interesting, the shower didnt really work but we are working on it). well not much left to tell. we are teaching a few great people right now, im still searching for that first baptism, we have one getting close and 2 that if they would just get married they would be baptized. the members are great, we rented a bus to take us to colina for the conference with all the members we had 2 investigators come with us on sunday, which is super bueno! well i hope i got to all your questions sorry if i missed any. love you all talk to you next week!