January 25, 2010

Hey everyone hows it going!!! its great to here from you all. it sounds like you are having fun weather there in arizona. its still very hot here in chile. hi grandma and grandpa i hope you are doing well. sorry that i dont write you very much, i heard about the car crash, and i hope all is well with youguys. i love you two very much and am very thankfull for the support that you allways have given me. it is very exciting about jessie and kevin, and i know that they will be great parients, and you guys will be great grandparents!!! Wow very exciting. ;) i cant believe that chad is going to start high school and breanna collage..... and jessie is going to have a baby! crazy how time flys. i forget sometimes that life moves on outside of the mission. but dont worrie, they will do great, you two raised your kids well in the gospel, being an example. and i am eternally greatfull for you both. i love you all very much and i know that the church is true, that Jesus is the Christ, my salvador. and that God has a perfect plan for us, and by following the paths laid out for us we can recieve the greatest gift that we can recieve, eternal life. have a great week, dont forget family prayer and scripture study, and i will talk to you next week.
Elder Tyler Nelson

January 11, 2010

This was written a couple of weeks ago. What a great testimony about the plan of salvation and families.

Dear jess,
Wow, i dont know what to say, that hit me as a suprise! i forgot that life goes on outside of that mission. i just want to say that you will be an amazing mother and kevin an amazing father, and i am so happy for the example that you have set for me and for the rest of the family. i see a lot of very sad situations here in chile, families torn apart, families that i love, that are so close to eternal happyness, but for some reason they cant reach out and take it. i have felt the love that our heavenly father has for his childern, and i know that he cries when we are crying and feels our pain. and also how he feels when we make chooses that will make us truly happy. and i am so happy for you and the path that you have chosen. i know that he church is true and in it we can find true happyness. i love you and also i know your future missionary (tyler Jr. because it will be a boy) is in good hands.
tío Elder Nelson

January 18, 2010

hey it is good to hear from you! i am glad to here that everything is well with you all. i am excited to hear about breanna, i think the byui is great for her and the environment would be great being an lds church, she will meet a lot of great friends there. also it sounds like chad is doing great with the football, i hope that he gets better if he is still sick. my comp is doing a lot better, thanks for asking. we have had our problems, but we worked through them. today was transfer day. they called us last night on sunday like always and told us that we are both staying, so we are very excited for this next transfer. also my comp. is the new district leader in our district, so that is exciting and i am very excited for the oportunity to learn from this experience. also it will be a humbling experience for me, and a trial.... but i am happy for the oportunity to humble myself to the dust of the earth before the lord. i love the mission and i love the lord. this is a once in a life time chance and i wouldnt trade it for anything. i am greatful for your support, the support of all our family and friends, the packages that i have recieved and the letters, i love you all and am grateful for the time you all take to support me and remember me with your letters and you prayers. i did get to package from the farnsworths, it was great to hear from them too. i would like everyone to know that the church is true, that Jesus Christ the savior of the world and that he invites all to come unto him, and recieve of his mercy and love. that it is never to late to repent, and recieve of the forgivness that he offers. the atonement is a topic that i am learning about more and more everyday. i have learned that we can find great joy in repenting everyday and that the more we come to understand the atonement the more of a desire we have to share the gospel and invite others to come unto christ. i hope that jessie and kevin are doing well. the cabin sounds like it is coming along well. i hope dad is doing well with health and work and the calling, we are starting a new thing in our mission where we are going to work a lot more with the members, it will be great. and i will keep you updated. i hope you are all praying and reading together as a family. i dont need to tell you how important it is. and that a family that prays together stays together. thank you all for everything. 3 Nephi 18:18-21. love you all and will talk to you next week.

Elder Nelson

January 11, 2010

Hello Family!!! sorry i didnt get to write much last time. i am glad that grandma y grandpa are ok. that is a little scary to hear about. and i heard about Jessie and that i am going to be an Uncle! thats wierd. i still cant believe it. but i am very excited for them. oh and that means that mom and dad are GRANDPARENTS!!!!!! buena!!!! i am glad that everyone is doing well and i am sorry to hear that you are sick and i hope you get better soon. All is well in the mission, we have our trials some bigger than others but i learn an incredible amount everyday and cant wait to keep learning, i really feel like the lord is molding me into the missionary and the person that i need to be. i am glad you liked the letter it was so long ago that i cant remember what i wrote. we i love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Love Elder Nelson
Los Fotos
1. the Santiago temple (one of the coolest temples in the world)
2. At the temple christmas week
3. Me and Elder Fuller in our house in independencia
transfer day

January 4, 2010

Elder Nelson didn't have time to write today, but here are some pictures!