November 30, 2009

Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!! greetings from Chilie. it is interesting being in a country that doesnt know what thanksgiving is. but on saturday i had a thanksgiving dinner!!!! there is a family in our branch that is from utah! for real! no joke. bueno i think that told you about them before. the father is from utah and doesnt know a word of spanish and has lived here in batuco for 3 years. dont ask me how he accompished that. but is wife is from chile and she knows english and they moved here for her. anyway they invited us over for thanksgiving on saturday. it is a tradition of theirs and they invite all there family here in chile over it was alot of fun and we had american food with a turkey and everything, and cheese cake! was great stuff, not as good as your thanksgiving of course but better than nothing. im feeling great and everything is going great, i hope your cold is getting better. by the way i havent heard from stevan or nick but its my fault because i havent writen them. i need to, but to tell the truth if its not email im really bad at writing, well im bad at writing email also but thats besides the point.:) also i will think about what to write for the christmas thing you asked me for. i will try to send it next week but remind me in the next email just in case. the investigatores are doing a lot better. we are working right now with un hermano se llama Eleazar, he is a jehovas witness. but the other day he read and prayed and says that he thinks the book of mormon is true, he also went to church yesterday. but he is having a hard time letting go of his religion, understandably( spelling is the worst thing you have ever seen, i know) lol , but we are working with him and i have high hopes.
and there pictures!!!!
1. last Pday bike ride
1b. bike ride
2. Thanksgiving!!!!
3. last conference im happy i promise

November 23, 2009

Hey everyone! hows it going? i hope you are having a great thanksgiving week. this is my first thanksgiving away with out family, kind of strange. because its and american holiday they dont celebrate it here, but this is this family in our ward that used to live in Utah and the husband is american and actually doesnt speek a word of spanish which is interesting because they have lived here for 3 years, anyway we are going to try and spend it with them. which will be fun. i have to go but i am going to get back on in a bit latter today hopefully so talk to you later.

Hello again. this week has been a crazy one i have been sick (with what i do not know) for the better part of the week. we also had a district conference and interviews with Pres. May this week. but it was great and i learned alot. i am dead tired from working all week and being sick but i am just happy i was blessed with the strength to be able to work everyday with a fever and everything. i think i really saw the lords hand in the work this past week. i hope everything is going good this week, it sounds like you all had a great weekend and very busy. Chad congrats with the eagle, you are officially in the club now, that is a great accomplishment and i am very proud of you. bre i hope you injoyed new moon or whatever its called, i do miss going to movies with you, i hope you are keeping track of all the cool movies that are coming out, and making a list of movies i can watch when i get back. by the way i love the calender i will hang it up on the first for sure, but you did a great job on it and it makes me feel at home. but like i said this last week has been crazy , and we have had crazy problems with our investigators, two of them tried to kill themselves this past week. i am just so thankful that we were there to help them put through it. we are most definitely in the right place at the right time. the lord knows what he is doing. well i know you had more questions but i really cant remember them, so sorry. i hope the cabin is going well dad i cant wait to see it, in fact i was wondering if you could send me pictures of it and other things as well, not just the cabin. but i was hoping to be able to show the people here a little more of my life back home, the house, more of the family, other things like that. but you can just send them by email and i can put them on the flash drive and print them out the next time i go into town. that would be awesome. well thank you so much and a love you all! talk to you next week!
Elder Tyler Nelson

November 16th, 2009

I got your package!! thank you so much i cant wait for christmas( i might not be able to). lol about the service im not really sure because we have a mission rule where we are not supposed to ask our family to donate down here or things like that so im not sure if it will work, sorry. i actually am pretty sick right now, im not sure with what. im glad that bre and chad are doing alright, i think about them alot and pray about them alot, maybe more than i should. jk im focused on the work i promise, but it is nice to know otherwise i worry. well i hope you all are doing well and that dads health is good, i have been thinking about that a little to, make sure he is laying off the deserts! well i love you and will talk to you next week.
Elder Nelson

November 9, 2009: Letter and Pictures!

Hola! hows it going! we have had a great week. guess what, we went into santiago to the distribution center this week and i saw Elder Johanson? it was way cool to see him, and a once in a mill chance, because his mission is way far away. anyway i guess he doesnt have that much time left, about as much time left as i have here in chile, but he is doing great!we have this family that we are teaching, part member, jimmy (18) inactive and his Wife(except they are not yet maried) Evelyin (17) and i little girl (2 or 3 years old) living in this crapy house, really bad living conditions, you would just die if you saw it mom. but the coolest little family. we have got them going to church and as soon as they get married she is getting baptised, but she cant untill she turns 18 in feb, because she doesnt have her parents permision. probably some of my favorite people here in chile. we have been teaching them alot about eternal families and the templo. and evelyn has the stongest desire to go and get sealed with her family there. it has been so cool to watch. it has made me really greatful for my parents and the love that they have for each other, and for the knoweledge that our family will last though the eternities. well i love you and hope you have a great week, by the way i have the card and i dont know how to activate it, do you do it there or do i need to do something?
Elder Nelson
These pictures are of Elder Nelson and his companion with the couple they are living with. They took them out for a BBQ on their P-Day.


our neighbers who took us to TGI Fridays( we spend most Pdays with them, very cool people)
my roommates and a few others at the mtc in our room on the last day.

ward members at the baptism. son locos!

me with a chile hat ( they all have these there)
with my first district
the house
the bathroom
an investigator family that we are teaching, only the mom is a member, they have three other daughters and a son as well.
a lake on the one side of batuco, we run there in the mornings sometimes. beautiful area.(great for duck hunting!)jk
transportation chile style! bakan!(cool)
me and my comp at tgi fridays

November 2, 2009

Hey Family hows it going! it sounds like you have a fun week. my week was great. and i am supper excited to be able to stay in this area and work with the same comp. it was a lot of fun this week because i had this traning thing at the mission home, for all the people in my group that came in on the same day. it was awesome to be able to see the people from my district that i came here with, and to see my comp from the MTC. anyway bree i got you email, and i loved hearing from you and hope you are doing great, i think about you and chad alot, when i see our investigators the same age, and am so so grateful that we grew up in the gospel and have this opportunity, lifes tough but stay strong and perserverar hasta el fin or endure to the end and i just want you to know that i know that this is the only way to find true lasting happiness. sorry went of on a tangent, didnt mean to get all preachy, but well... thats my life. halloween was interesting. i think most people here use it as an opportunity to get drunk, but they do, do that whole trick or treating thing its just not as big as in the states. the kid that got baptized last week, his name is Abraham, and is full of energy. kind of crazy actually. he has a bro and sister who are members but only the sister is active. we are working with his mom and other sister right now who would get baptized if they would get married, but they wont because they say it causes to many problems, which is really the other way around, pero no sé. its a cool story with Abraham though, well kind of sad also. but the mom and a little girl that lives there, on saturday night before the baptism there was a big gang fight outside their house ( that the one inactive bro. was a part of) and the little girl ran out into it to get to the brother of abraham, so the mom ran out to get her and got hit with a glass bottle and a piece hit the girl as well, the moms eye was messed up pretty bad, anyway long story short, she will be fine some scars is all, but when we went to go pick up abraham on sunday morning we found out about all this and said that we could do the baptism another day, because the mom was going to go into santiago to go to the doctors, but the whole family realized the importance of it and wanted him to go get baptized that day, and made arangements for it to work out, i am really greatfull for that family and the faith that they have. well the weather is getting hot now but i heard in the area i am in it will get a lot hotter, reminds me of home.
i would also like to say thanks to jessie and kevin for their letters, i got them all this last tuesday,and it was great to have them, and read them on the bus ride home. well have a great week and i love you all!
Elder Tyler Nelson
(never a bad day!)