May 17, 2010

Yeah Chad, looking Good!!! you are really tall, and skinny. its fun to see that change that passes with time. hey i heard the lakers are going to play the suns. thats going to be good, they both swept the other time right. there is another Elder here from AZ thats keeping track, i bet AZ is going a little loco. well things here in the mission are going great. im learning tons everyday. i really dont know where i would be with out the mission. its starting to get really cold now, it rained all day the other day. that was fun. but it was interesting at the same time, because we were able to find a lot of people that day and had a lot of success. its really cool how the Lord works. sorry i havent been sending very many pictures, but i havent really been taking pictures. but i will try and start taking more. the next monday is the end of this transfer, and im think i will be leaving this area. which is sad. but thats life, and the mission, constant change. or at least thats how it should be. always changing, always something to make or do better, to give more. thats why i love the mission. i plan on shaping me so that God can use me the rest of my live, as an effective instrument in his hands. well i love you guys and thank you for all your support and your prayers.

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  1. Quierdo Elder Nelson, Es muy bueno que tu es agradecido para el tiempo y que tu reconoce le mano de Dieu en todas las cosas. Tengo muy gratitud para tu servicio en la mision. Estoy agradecido por su arduo trabajo.
    Con buen saludos y aprecio,
    Su tia, Lori