June 28, 2010

Chile is playing today verses Brazil, it is crazy here. it has been like 12 years since Chile has been to a world cup. Chile is kind of funny, when they lose they like to destroy things, and when they win they still like to destroy things. we cant even go into the center of town today. we accomplished our goal last month with bautizmos, so we had a sports day. it was a lot of fun. we played soccer for about 3 hours. also me and my comp in the morning went on a hike up a hill that is very big. here in Renca there is a hill that has a great big cross on top we hiked to the top in the morning, to watch the sun rise. it was very cool. i will send you some pictures. we just have been here working hard and helping the people come unto Christ. i love my work. it sounds like you are also having some great experiences with missionary work. well thank you so much for everything i will talk to you later. also i got your package, thank you so much. also please thank the Scotts for me, it meant a lot to get something from them.

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  1. What a wonderful time! We saw the Chile score and were sorry that Chile lost their game. It's fun to root for a country because you have a connection to it like a missionary there! Your hike looks great. I love the view, and the cross at the top. Hopefully it is a reminder to some int he area. We had a blast at Lake Powell, but you were missed. I kept thinking that a year ago, we went right before you went into the MTC. It just seemed so short a time, and yet, here we are, a year later, and maybe next year, we will be with you again at Lake Powell, right after you get home! Well, love your letters and the spirit that shines through them. Aunt Wendy