October 11, 2010

Hey hows it going!! im doing great! and yes it was me dipping into my account. for the holiday this 18 of sept., there were a lot of activities and i also had to buy a few things like a bag and well... i bought two soccer jerseys. but no more! unless there is a necesidad. that family will hopefully get baptised right after, that's the plan anyway. but i don't think i will still be here in December. the work is going on here in full. and its going by way to fast!

1,2)we went up the mountain today, again. i am still fighting against hope to lose weight and i like to do it, when we went up there were clouds all around really low, it looked like a sea of clouds, it looked really cool.
3)the district that i have been in the last two changes
4)an activity of Zone that we had were we bought pizza and played soccer all day, my favorite activity.
5,6)Fiesta de 18 de sept., i was cook! for like 600 people
7,8) lunch on the 18th, cualquier Carne!!!!
9) district member in the hospital, long story, good times

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  1. Tyler you look great! I'm so glad you sent pictures. The food looks amazing. What a talent to have. Conference was wonderful, and it made me so proud of you to have them talk of missionaries and know what a faithful servant of the Lord you are. Keep up the good work and know we pray for you daily. Love Aunt Wendy