December 20, 2010

Hey hows it going. there are changes today, and i am going to train again. the new elders are coming tomorrow, so i dont know who it is. some times changes are hard, but its always what the lord wants done. so i forgot to give you the number thanks for saying something. it is (XXX)XXXXXX. i think you have to put in that first part, i forgot how long distance calls go again. it has been very crazy, the hardest time of my mission the last 6 weeks, but i know this is the work of the lord and that he is in charge.
here are some pictures of the last change.
the important thing is that im happy, trying to be obedient, and working my butt of.
I love you guys and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!

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  1. Feliz Navidad! Good luck with training a new Elder. You'll do great! You are working hard and being obedient and the Lord will continue to bless you.
    Much love,