November 9, 2009: Letter and Pictures!

Hola! hows it going! we have had a great week. guess what, we went into santiago to the distribution center this week and i saw Elder Johanson? it was way cool to see him, and a once in a mill chance, because his mission is way far away. anyway i guess he doesnt have that much time left, about as much time left as i have here in chile, but he is doing great!we have this family that we are teaching, part member, jimmy (18) inactive and his Wife(except they are not yet maried) Evelyin (17) and i little girl (2 or 3 years old) living in this crapy house, really bad living conditions, you would just die if you saw it mom. but the coolest little family. we have got them going to church and as soon as they get married she is getting baptised, but she cant untill she turns 18 in feb, because she doesnt have her parents permision. probably some of my favorite people here in chile. we have been teaching them alot about eternal families and the templo. and evelyn has the stongest desire to go and get sealed with her family there. it has been so cool to watch. it has made me really greatful for my parents and the love that they have for each other, and for the knoweledge that our family will last though the eternities. well i love you and hope you have a great week, by the way i have the card and i dont know how to activate it, do you do it there or do i need to do something?
Elder Nelson
These pictures are of Elder Nelson and his companion with the couple they are living with. They took them out for a BBQ on their P-Day.

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