November 30, 2009

Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!! greetings from Chilie. it is interesting being in a country that doesnt know what thanksgiving is. but on saturday i had a thanksgiving dinner!!!! there is a family in our branch that is from utah! for real! no joke. bueno i think that told you about them before. the father is from utah and doesnt know a word of spanish and has lived here in batuco for 3 years. dont ask me how he accompished that. but is wife is from chile and she knows english and they moved here for her. anyway they invited us over for thanksgiving on saturday. it is a tradition of theirs and they invite all there family here in chile over it was alot of fun and we had american food with a turkey and everything, and cheese cake! was great stuff, not as good as your thanksgiving of course but better than nothing. im feeling great and everything is going great, i hope your cold is getting better. by the way i havent heard from stevan or nick but its my fault because i havent writen them. i need to, but to tell the truth if its not email im really bad at writing, well im bad at writing email also but thats besides the point.:) also i will think about what to write for the christmas thing you asked me for. i will try to send it next week but remind me in the next email just in case. the investigatores are doing a lot better. we are working right now with un hermano se llama Eleazar, he is a jehovas witness. but the other day he read and prayed and says that he thinks the book of mormon is true, he also went to church yesterday. but he is having a hard time letting go of his religion, understandably( spelling is the worst thing you have ever seen, i know) lol , but we are working with him and i have high hopes.
and there pictures!!!!
1. last Pday bike ride
1b. bike ride
2. Thanksgiving!!!!
3. last conference im happy i promise

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  1. Wow, it looks beautiful there. That's so cool you had a Thanksgiving dinner! Bueno! Mucho gusto the emails!