July 12, 2010

Hey hows it going!!! thanks for all the emails!! it was great to receive all of them at once, the last week i couldnt even get on the internet. we had transfers. i stayed en the same place but now i have a new comp. his name is Elder Garcia de Honduras. he is great and has a lot of anime, wereas i am more tranquilo. its a good mix, and the first latino comp that i have had, it is different, very different, but will also help my spanish. thank you all for writing me, Jessie, Dad, mom, breanna, chad, grandma and grandpa. also thank you for the letters from the young women, it was great to hear from so many people. sorry i dont have time to write you all back. every one is growning up i cant believe i will finish one year this week. i really cant believe it. time has flown by, in order to help with your talk, a few points are: one worthiness, that is the first thing that is the most importante, to get everything taken care of before hand, the other is Preach my Gosple especially chapter 3 the leccions, study, memorize it, live what it teaches. in my mission we are a mission of Preach MY Gosple and you can see the results, baptisams and in the lives and the obedience of the missioneres. learn to love the scritures, learn how to set good personal goals and to achive them, learn to reconocer the spirit and now how to follow it, and the atonement of Jesus Christ, to experience it in your life, the power to change, and be a better person every day, to develop a good strong relacionship with your heavenly father. those are some of the ideas that i can think of right now. i know that if you aply them, you will be more perpared spiritually to serve a mission. i am doing great and i know that this church is true. i love you all and will talk to you all later.
Elder Nelson

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  1. Such great advise! For preparing for a mission and for all of us! Thank you for your testimony. How exciting that you have been on your mission for ONE YEAR! We're so happy for you.
    Love, Aunt Lori