July 19, 2010

well i have had a fantastic week, i hope you all have had a great week also. i have to tell you i am very thankful for the chance that i have to help others and to help change the lives of others. i am reminded of the talk of E Bednar about tender mercies. i have seen a lot of those this past week. and then to top it all off as i was walking though Renca to go use internet, i meet up with a man that i had taught in my last sector that i was in. the father of a family that is very dear to my heart. he told me that i had taught them well that they are still attending chruch, that they are still firm in the gosple. it was exactly what i needed to hear, my heart filled with pure joy to see him and to hear that glorious news, i was basicly crying right there en the street. i look forward to going with them to the temple to watch them get sealed for time and eternity. i know that these things are true, i want to shout them from the roof tops. that God has a plan for our families that we can live together for ever. that thought keeps me going, through the hard times. i love you guys with all my heart, and am eternally grateful for what you have done for me. for rasing me up in this wonderful gospel. i am sorry for everything that i have ever done to offend any of you or to cause any kind of harm. but it all worked out in the end and i know that many people will be and are eternally grateful for what you have done as parents, you have set the example and i expect to follow it. thank you so much. and have a great week.
Your son, Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. Tyler, what a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing that. I sure appreciate your testimony and your experiences in the mission field. You don't know what it does to help us and lift us up. I am always uplifted from your letters and appreciate the time you take to send them. I appreciate your service and your gratitude and your sweet spirit. I'm honored to call you nephew. Love you always, Aunt Wendy