August 30th, 2010

well......i cant promise about the whole writing in my journal thing, but i am going to start again! :) well just to set the everyone straight, i will always be able to beat Chad up. its called older brother powers. you cant top it! it sounds like things are a little crazy for you guys right now. for me too. things have been crazy. we had a interesting weekend. An Elder in my district is in the hospital so i had to do like three spiritually draining interviews for baptisms. and I had to personally be sent over to put a branch presidente, the branch were the other Elderes in my district are at, in his place because he was doing things that were complete apostasy. he had a lot of pride and great was his fall when our mission president had to call and meet with him. the fun things that go on in the mission. I'm sure dad can relate and Kevin too. needless to say I'm really tired. well that was my week. i love the mission and i have really come to know of what Ammon was talking about in Alma 26:12, especially the first part. i love you guys and am very thankful for everything you have done for me.
Elder Nelson


  1. Wow Elder Nelson that must have been difficult to replace the Branch President. It's hard to see members move away from the truth. We're praying for you to receive the continued strength you need from the Lord. I know he will give it to you because you are a faithful Elder, working hard to do everything you can to help the work go forward in Chile!