September 6, 2010

Hey Hows it going? things have been going great here on the mission. it sounds like you all are having a great time and that things are really busy. well i just went over there to do some baptismal interviews of my district and we just had a lot of problems with the leadership of this branch, doing things that they didn't have authority to do, but everything is fine now. the church is still young in Chile and some times it gets complicated. its a good thing that its the Lords work and not of men, because if it was it would have failed long ago. we usually rent out houses from people that are not members. but most of the time its just where they can put us. also i got the package you sent, thank you very much, i loved the shirt. and i loved getting the pictures. that's what i really like to get is the pictures that you send. whenever you want to send more its fine by me. well i love you guys and am praying for you always.

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