September 27th, 2010

Hey, am glad that everything is going great! it sounds like everyone is enjoying life. congratulations to Chad, what a stud. i knew he would win. hes turned into quite the jock, football, homecoming king, wow! jk i am really happy for you. we are teaching a few people here in this sector, some families very special but almost all of them are not able to get baptised because they are not married. we are working on that. thats one of the biggest problems here in Chile and i guess in all the world. i love to focus on the family here in the mission. thanks to you guys especially my parents its were my testimony is the strongest. and when i get the chance to find a family complete and the parents are married, i just want to shout for joy!! to open the gates of exaltation for the families, thats why i feel like i came on the mision. today there were changes, but i stayed here with the same comp. i will finish in this sector with 6 months, or maybe more, we will see. i am also very excited for conference this next weekend, its going to be great. if i count my mission by the conferences i have left, its a little scary. but theres still a lot more time left. im glad to hear that Dad lost weight, that will help a lot. im not going to lie i worried alot about the health of Dad and its always in my prayers. Hay que cuidarse! im working on the pictures, i still have to get them from that other Elder, because its not my comp, but is will get them. thank you for everything i love you all!!
Elder Nelson

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  1. La familia es muy importante, ¿veridad? You do have a wonderful family Elder Nelson, we love you all. I'm so glad you are feeling that importance. You'll be a wonderful father and husband, with a righteous family of your own some day!