June 20, 2011

Hey, Como Están?
we have had a very rainy week here in Curacaví and its been cold. i forgot how much i love the heat and the sun. my companion is loving the weather here because he is from Alaska. thanks so much for taking all that time to help me out with my classes, i know its a pain. If you could try and make sure the classes can transfer, just in case. not much is new, just working hard and trying to get people to go to church. the level of dedicaion is a little low here when its cold and rainy out. especially if its fathers day, not even the members in our little ward went this last sunday, much less the investigators. but thats life on the mission. i hope that you injoyed the camping trip. On the Lake? Did you do something for fathers day?
Well i love you guys and i will talk to you next week,
Elder Nelson

Hey, Happy fathers day!!!
i wanted you write you and let you know how much i love and appreciate everything you have taught and done for me. 
i personally am so grateful for you example. that example has helped me so much as a missionary and i have used it to help the lives of my investigators. 
i hope to become like you and that i can have the same relationship with my kids. 
you have been there always and have sacrificed much for your family. your sacrifice does not go unnoticed, and your Children love and respect you.
i  have unfortunately seen many families destroyed and torn apart for lack of a good father figure. 
I had to leave and go to another country and see the problems of other families to realize how good i got it.
Love you Dad,
Your son
Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. What a great tribute to your Dad, he's a great guy! You'll be a wonderful dad too Elder Nelson:)