June 27th

Hey hows it going?
it sounds like everything is going great!
I am sure Chad will have a great time in EFY, well i didn't like it that much, but he is a lot cooler than i am.
i am sure that he is a lot better than i am on the wakeboard, is he still using my board and bindings? thats why he's getting good! just kidding, i cant wait to pick it up again.
we are working great here in Chile. Presidente May goes home tomorrow and president Essig is the new President. it was nice that for my whole mission i was able to have the same Pres., i already had my interview with him last week, which was strange because normally you do that the last day of your mission.
thank you for your prayers for the people here in Chile.
Love you guys,
Elder Nelson

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  1. Good luck with the new President. Where is he from? We have a new President here in our mission coming Wednesday, from Ecuador. He's bringing 3 of his 4 children. President Castro...
    I'm glad you got to have your interview with your mission president with whom you've served your entire mission. Very nice!