News about Elder Nelson!

A senior couple is in the MTC with Tyler. They are from our AZ ward. They were able to see Tyler and this is what Sister Platt had to say... Thanks Brother and Sister Platt!!

Dear Cindi: We went to the devotional tonight. John Groberg was the speaker and it was an excellent evening. Oh, but that's not what you want to hear, is it? Before the devotional began we stood at our "down front" seats and faced the back, looking for Elder Nelson. As it happened, he found us. It's actually easier for young missionaries to find the senior missionaries because we are fewer in number and concentrated in one area. We had a few minutes to chat. . . long enough to ascertain that he is absolutely thrilled to be there. We met his companion who seemed like a good fellow. He is pleased with the language progress he's making. He is already able to bear his testimony in Spanish and is working on the first discussion. He is lit up like a light bulb with enthusiasm and confidence. It was really good to see him. I doubt that you could be any more pleased with your son than you already are but if it's possible to go up a notch or two, you have every right to do so. His P-day is Wednesday but he said they haven't assigned them the email privileges yet so I don't know if you should expect an email tomorrow. He said he had sent you several letters in lieu of emails.He is going to love Santiago. It's a beautiful city. Tomorrow is our last day and we fly home on Thursday morning. This went fast! Mitch was going to call Dave and tell him about seeing Elder Nelson but I thought you'd like an email.

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