Pictures! July 26th, 2009

Along with the pictures, Elder Nelson sent a little explaination about some of the pictures:
Dear Jessie,
So after I found out you wanted pictures, I went around taking pictures of everthing. There are a few with me and Elder Gibsen in it. he is my comp. (the blonde one). Most are just random. the building is the one I sleep in, the Snow Building (which is way cool). Some of them are just crazy stuff that happens when you get a bunch of 19 year olds together. Most of them are with people from my district (there are 10 in my district). The ones doing the matrix are my ZL's (that was sweet). And yes, I fight Satan with a real lightsaber! JK If there are any pictures you want me to take, let me know. We will take a zone picture and a dsitrict picture sometime. I just don't know when. Some of them are of my room, I sleep on the top and there are 4 in a room. The big bronze guy is explained in one of the pics. I tried to explain what I could but most of the make no sense anyway, so sorry about that. Anyway, I love you guys and want to thank you for your prayers, I have felt them. I am doing great and am learning lots.
Love, Elder Nelson


  1. Love it! He looks so happy!!!

  2. Those are great pictures! Brings back a lot of memories. That is awesome Tyler is in the Snow Building!

  3. Thanks for sharing these. It's so fun to see what he's doing and be able to keep updated on Tyler's life in the MTC. Thanks Jessie! Love to Elder Nelson!

  4. lol swine flu quarantine, wash ya hands