December 7th, 2009

(Elder Nelson was caught wearing one of the shirts he was sent in his Christmas Package... He is wearing it in the picture in the last post. The Arizona shirt. That is what this first response it about..)

ok i admit it i opened that one. but i didnt open them all, a promise. :) i love the shirt! it was great to have something that says arizona on it, i just needed a shirt to wire. and you wrote on the packing slip what was in the box so i knew there was a shirt. but i am sorry. anyway its been kind of crazy because, today i am transfering! i am transfering into santiago, and elder Ojeda is staying here in batuco. my new area is called independencia or something like that, and my new comps name is Elder fuler, i think thats how you spell it. its kind of sad to leave a sector, expecially your first sector, and your first comp. but im needed elsewhere. it will be weird to leave the country and go into the city. also im so used to bikes that my feet are going to kill me. i hope dads calling is going well. first i will try and answer your question. being on a mission is great and during christmas time its even better. sure there is a little bit of homesickness but that just makes you work all the harder to lose yourself in the work. but the greatest thing is being able to share the greatest gift that we have with others. and that is the savior and his great atoning sacrifice. a gift greater than all worldly possessions. as missionaries its a great blessing to be able to share this message with the world. we dont have to take thought in what we want for christmas or the obtaining of material things. i really want to write more but i have to go and meet my new comp, felipe is taking us in his hippy van, !lo serĂ¡ henial! i love you all and thank you for your support, i am hoping i will have more time to write later but is not sorry dad that i didnt get to respond, it was great to hear from you, hopefully i will talk to you next week.

To Dad:

Sup, dad! hows it going it was great to hear from you, its been a while.
but dont worry about i know how busy you are. the cabin sounds like it
is coming along great. i cant wait to see it, or better yet receive it
for my inheritence! just kidding(sort of):). the mission is going great!
and i am really injoying every second of it. it has been great to be out
in the country for to transfers, but now i am in almost the heart of
santiago, were all the gansters are. should be fun. im kind of embarrassed
because i dont really have any awesome stories to share. we did find
this one lady, eva is her name, we were out knocking doors and it was
about 9:50 and we had to start heading back home, but we decided to
knock one last door, and we found her. at first she wasnt interested but
as we started talking about our message she started crying. and as a
missionary this can be a good thing, she really opened up and told us
that her husband just died and she had a lot of pain in her heart. so we
switched grears to the plan of salvation and gave her something to read.
she said she would stay up all night reading it. we came back the next
day and found her completly perpared to receive the gospel. we taught
her every day for 3 days and then she went to church on sunday for the
whole thing. unfortionally i got transfered the next day, but i have no
dout that she will be baptized and my comp that stayed in the sector
will keep me posted. it just goes to show that the lord is preparing
people for the gospel and we just need to find them and invite them to
christ. well thats my story there is another part to it also but it will
take to long to expain, it is enough to say that the lord used us to
possible save her life and trying to end it prematurely, i think we were
there at the right time. i hope that work doesnt stress you out to much
and that all is well, stay healthy and young. we still have to do many
things when i get back. love you! and thank you for every thing you do
for me and our family.

To Mom (in response to a few questions she asked...):

we help people find the true meaning of christmas, but in this time of the year peoples hearts tend to be more soft and reseptive to the spirit. if you have a friend or family member that is not a member of the church now is as good a time as ever to invite them to enjoy the same blessing that we enjoy everyday. well i hope that is what you wanted, sorry i dont have much more to say and you dont have to use it is you dont want to, believe me it wont hurt my feelings. love you talk to you later.

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