January 11, 2010

This was written a couple of weeks ago. What a great testimony about the plan of salvation and families.

Dear jess,
Wow, i dont know what to say, that hit me as a suprise! i forgot that life goes on outside of that mission. i just want to say that you will be an amazing mother and kevin an amazing father, and i am so happy for the example that you have set for me and for the rest of the family. i see a lot of very sad situations here in chile, families torn apart, families that i love, that are so close to eternal happyness, but for some reason they cant reach out and take it. i have felt the love that our heavenly father has for his childern, and i know that he cries when we are crying and feels our pain. and also how he feels when we make chooses that will make us truly happy. and i am so happy for you and the path that you have chosen. i know that he church is true and in it we can find true happyness. i love you and also i know your future missionary (tyler Jr. because it will be a boy) is in good hands.
tío Elder Nelson

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