January 11, 2010

Hello Family!!! sorry i didnt get to write much last time. i am glad that grandma y grandpa are ok. that is a little scary to hear about. and i heard about Jessie and that i am going to be an Uncle! thats wierd. i still cant believe it. but i am very excited for them. oh and that means that mom and dad are GRANDPARENTS!!!!!! buena!!!! i am glad that everyone is doing well and i am sorry to hear that you are sick and i hope you get better soon. All is well in the mission, we have our trials some bigger than others but i learn an incredible amount everyday and cant wait to keep learning, i really feel like the lord is molding me into the missionary and the person that i need to be. i am glad you liked the letter it was so long ago that i cant remember what i wrote. we i love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Love Elder Nelson
Los Fotos
1. the Santiago temple (one of the coolest temples in the world)
2. At the temple christmas week
3. Me and Elder Fuller in our house in independencia
transfer day

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