January 25, 2010

Hey everyone hows it going!!! its great to here from you all. it sounds like you are having fun weather there in arizona. its still very hot here in chile. hi grandma and grandpa i hope you are doing well. sorry that i dont write you very much, i heard about the car crash, and i hope all is well with youguys. i love you two very much and am very thankfull for the support that you allways have given me. it is very exciting about jessie and kevin, and i know that they will be great parients, and you guys will be great grandparents!!! Wow very exciting. ;) i cant believe that chad is going to start high school and breanna collage..... and jessie is going to have a baby! crazy how time flys. i forget sometimes that life moves on outside of the mission. but dont worrie, they will do great, you two raised your kids well in the gospel, being an example. and i am eternally greatfull for you both. i love you all very much and i know that the church is true, that Jesus is the Christ, my salvador. and that God has a perfect plan for us, and by following the paths laid out for us we can recieve the greatest gift that we can recieve, eternal life. have a great week, dont forget family prayer and scripture study, and i will talk to you next week.
Elder Tyler Nelson


  1. Thank you for your testimony Elder Nelson. It is strong and vibrant and inspiring to us. We are so grateful for your faithful service. Thank you for your love for the people of Santiago and for your dedication to building the Lord's kingdom.
    Love, Aunt Lori

  2. Jessie and Kevin are going to have a baby??? Congrats guys that is so exciting! Tyler, glad you are doing so well!