Feb. 8, 2010

Hey everyone hows it going! i didnt even know it was super bowl sunday, nobody watches that here. i am doing great it sounds like you all are to. i got you package thank you very much. the tshirt is great and i loved the candy and the picture of bree, she is a good looking girl, you will have to watch out for her!! JK now half the missionarys here want her email, so i will have to hide the foto. lol things are great here, we have been passing through some trials, but there is always something to learn on the other side. about this package for my birthday, if its alright i do have some ideas. i have walked through my shoe inserts , and i need shoe polish, and the thing inorder to rub on the polish also, also some kind of protein bars i can carry around with me, and peanut butter, just some ideas. Dad i hope you are doing alright. well i have to go i love you and will talk to you later.

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