February 1, 2010

Hey hows it going!!! i am doing great, sorry i have not been sending very many experiences and photos, well i havent had time to take photos to tell the truth, i can only take them on mondays, and with my comp as district leader, we never have time to do things. but experiences i can do a lot better with. it has been amazing how much i have been learning during my time here, my comp has a lot of time and experience and i am tring to learn as much as i can from him. we have been teaching this family for the past month, and they are going to enter the water bien pronto, it is a mom and three kids. they are from peru( just a side note we tend to have more success with the people from peru, they tend to be a lot porer and a lot more receptive) and she is in a very humble situation. but she has had some very cool experiences with answers to her prayers, some dreams very cool that i wont get into, :) and has felt stronger that anyone else that i have taught that the church is true. it has been a very cool experience and i have grown to love this family mucho. well sorry i cant talk more but i have to go, love you all and will talk to you next week.
Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. Dear Elder Nelson,
    Muchos Gracias para los emails. Yo soy muy feliz. I am developing a great love for the hispanic people around me, and I can imagine how wonderful it is for you to serve with them every minute of every day. Muy bueno!
    Aunt Lori