February 15, 2010

Hey Hows it going!!!! its great to hear from you all, im glad the cancer surgery went well, it was a little scary to hear from dad that he had cancer. Chad and Breanna sounds like they are doing great. i am very excited for chad and his Football. √Čl es super Capo. and Breanna is moving right along in life. All of the company sounds like fun. and happy valentines Day, they do celebrate that here, its just not very big. time is moving very fast here and i am enjoying every minute of it. we are teaching some wonderful people, and it is a joy to be an instrument in the lords hands in order to help these people come unto Christ. i love the mission, and the Lord with all my heart. thank you everyone for your support, i have recieved many letters and emails and i am very grateful. i love you all!!! Have a great week!!!
Elder Tyler Nelson

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