April 19, 2010

Hey, Family!! i have been doing great, and it is great to here from you all. it sounds like you all have been really busy. thats good. and still going to church! thats even better!! i love you guys and its always great to hear about how your week has been going. i hope dad is doing well, and that his health is good. i am having a great time here in chile. my new comp. is tongan and a big guy. and he can eat like no one i have ever meet. he is really funny and we have a good time. we are really recieving the blessings of heaven here and we are working hard in order to help the people here in chile. i love you all and thank you for all the support you are showing me and all the missionaries around the world.
Elder Nelson

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  1. Buenos Dias Elder Nelson, How fun to have a Tongan companion. Especially a companion named Hola. Do they pronounce it like the Spanish Hola? Glad you're getting along so well. You're always in our prayer,
    Love, Aunt Lori