Numero 2: April 26, 2010

Tyler wrote to a friend of his, Anneke, about an experience he has had teaching a convert. Tyler thought it would be enjoyed by all and asked Anneke to send it on.

Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity. i hope everyone goes well with that, and you are able to take up the spirit of temple work. i wanted to tell you about a converso that i had the opportunity to teach and baptize, his name is Mauricio Raul Bernal Jara. he has a family and is about 47 years old. this is a man that has really experienced a change of heart. before he was a man very orgulloso, o sea, prideful. i have never seen a man make such a change, and be so humble of heart. the spirit has wrought a mighty change in his life. and now i think he will be the next stakepresident. well its very cool to teach this family. right now they are all focused on getting sealed in the temple as a family. in less than a year they can do it. and the cool thing is if im still on the mission i will be able to accompany them there, an opportunity not many missionaries have in our mission. so i am very excited for them and the steps they are taking. thank you for writing, it means a lot to me to have your support.
Your friend,
Elder Nelson

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