March 14, 2011

Hey thanks for writing! its great to hear from you all. it sounds like you are all doing great. there were changes today, but i stayed here with my same companion. i will be here that means for 6 months, which is a long time. i am now district leader of sisters, which is a new experience. with Elderes it has been easy but now i have to be nice and creative. i am happy to spend so much time outside of santiago (en el campo). i am a little disappointed to not be going to school until the winter. it complicates some of the plans be were making, but it will all work out in the end. i think that i will end up staying in arizona unto school then. time is going very very fast and i only have three changes left, but that's alright it just makes me work harder. we are going to baptize everyone here!! i don't have any really cool stories this week. it was a rough one, but we just buckled down and worked like crazy. i love the mission.
Love you guys and thank you for everything
Elder Nelson

Elder Tyler David Nelson
Mision chile santiago norte
sucursal correo patronato casilla 60

this is the new address for the our mission. you need to send things there. also they said that we should only use USPS to ship packages.
I got your package and i loved to see the pictures. you guys are all looking good.
Love Ya,
Elder Nelson

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