March 21, 2011

Sorry i have been having some computer problems.
I'm doing great and working hard. i want to end the mission working harder than i have ever worked, but i will say that God has been sending me some fun trials along the way. the trials make us stronger, and allow us to increase our faith.

i wanted to send some pictures so im going to see how that works

1. a treat that we made. with crushed up Oreo and a mix of cream cheese and peanut butter on top. amazing!!
2-3. a service project with an investigator and her family. they bought that house (really really cheep) and had to take it apart and move it to some land that i think is like government given. really poor family. but the service was cool, we took apart the house with a hammer and a crowbar.
4.out workin hard
5. the picture says it all.

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  1. Wow, you elders are taking apart a house? That's quite the service project! Muy Bueno. I'm sure the familia appreciated your help.