March 28, 2011 (Elder Nelson's 21st Birthday!!)

Hey thanks for hooking me up with everything for school. i am glad you are on top of things. im excited about going right up to school, it makes things a lot less complicated. but i will be up there for a long time. well it sounds like everything is going great, i do miss baseball games, here in Chile they do not even know what baseball is. i got all the letters for my birthday, thank you all so much for taking the time to send me those, i was very exited to get all the letters. especially the spider man one that makes noise. that was fun when i opened it up in zone class. I'm really bad at writing so i am going to send some pictures!!! I'm not sure if i have already sent some of these but here they are. not sure about to order 1. we play soccer every week at 6 in the morning, its a lot of fun 2. we do a lot of service, for people, i actually hated doing that one because we had to cut the grass with scissors 3. the house of a member doing service out back. 4. fixing the bikes, they are horrible, we are always fixing them. 5. i made an awesome breakfast for Elder Rhodes, i am trying to learn how to cook, i know scary right. these are from this morning, the perks of having sisters in your district. they came at 6 in the morning put it all up then rang the doorbell and ran, i was make and tired, then really happy. like a sour then sweet commercial.

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