April 4, 2011

Hey hows it going,
Conference was great!!!
I did learn a lot watching it. we had a fair amount of success bringing investigators, i feel more converted to the Gospel after watching it. sorry i have not been writing very many stories, i have been sending more pictures to make up for it. i will admit i get a little lazy writing, but i still love you guys!!
this week i was able to dig a trench for some investigators that really need some help, that was a lot of fun.
we are teaching this amazing family that went to conference and loved it, it has been a great spiritual experience with them. Roma is the mom, Fransica the daughter(14), and Diego(10). Diego is the coolest little kid, in the hardest of circumstances. he is sick and has to be hooked up to a machine a lot to keep alive, the doctors say he lives on spirit and will, that he will not live long. he remains optimistic always and has a way of helping me feel the love of Christ in my life. he is a very special Kid and i get emotional just thinking about him. God loves him, as he loves all of us, in ways and in amounts we do not understand or comprehend.
we also talked to a guy that very seriously thought that the entire church and especially the missionary network is a spy organization, and he gave us a very convincing argument, i almost believed him. it was a man that spoke very well in English and that lived in the states, and that new a lot about the church. he kind of sounded like a Chilean spy. :) we joked around with him for a while, he was a very cool guy, in completely convinced that i work for the C.I.A. that was a funny contact.
i love missionary work and the gospel, i love witnessing the blessings that come flooding into our lives when we are worthy to have the spirit.
thank you for everything,
Love you guys,
Elder Nelson

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