April 25, 201

Hey, i am doing great!!! i just got transferred. it has been really hard, because i got comfortable in the same sector for 6 months. but thats the mission. i am in a new sector called curacavi, out side of santiago again. it looks like i will end outside of santiago. but im happy to be in the country. my companions name is Elder Melendez he is from El Salvador. it is hard some times for me working with native spanish speakers, not because of the language, because i always speak spanish anyway, its just hard to live with one. but he is great and i am excited for the chance to work here. we will have a lot of success. i love the mission for the chances and challenges that it gives. thats alright that your not going to come pick me up here in chile, i think its better that way. i am not sure about the calls but normally they are after 3 and before 5 or 6 just to give you a ballpark. i will give you the number to call next monday.
i love you guys, thank you for everything.
Elder Nelson

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  1. Hello Elder Nelson, Wow, a transfer! That's amazing that you have been in your last area for 6 months! Today is your cousin Nick's birthday:) He's 22 today. This is the first time he's been home for his birthday in 3 years...He told me his 21 birthday was in a brand new area in his mission and no one knew about it, so it was VERY low key. Good luck in y our new area! We're so happy for you,
    Love, Aunt Lori