April 18, 2011

Hey hows it going!!
I am doing great, i got this paper from the office that i need to fill out. but i forgot the paper in the house, from my memory i will try and remember all of it.
i think i need to know,
airport, which don't remember
if you guys are going to come pick me up, and I'm not sure how to do that,
phone number
well...... thats all i remember but i think that there was more. thats all right next week i will let you know.
well we have had a great week, Elder Amado came and talked to our stake here, so that was great.
like always i struggle finding things to say. but we are working hard and trying to help a ward with a lot of problems.
Tal vez me va a matar por no decir mas, pero....
Love you guys and i am forever grateful for your ejemplos and the support that you have given. ,
Elder Nelson

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