May 23, 2011

Hey, hows it going!!!
I am going great here in Curacaví in Chile. We are working hard here to help a few families that are struggling a lot. it is sad to see families suffering when they stop doing the things that are important. like reading the scriptures and praying and family home evening. and when the great sin of pride enters into the hearts of one. it is starting to cool down, but no rain so far, we are in a drought they are saying, but they don't know Arizona. i am still having a bug problem, so that has been hard, because i think that i am allergic or something.

It has been harder than i thought to remain focused 100% on the mission at this point in my time here. but i am doing everything that i can to focus on the people here in Chile. i love you guys and i hope that everything is going great with you all.
Elder Nelson

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  1. Buenos Dias Elder Nelson. Hang in there!
    Seguimos orando para que el Elder Nelson. Le pedimos a nuestro Padre en el Cielo para fortalecer y manen er a salvo. Espero que usted pueden connnseguir el alivio del problema de errores. Eso es horrible! Te amamos!