May 2, 2011

hey hows it going!!!!
first things first the call.
we will be in a members home and the number that you need to call is (xx)xxxxxxx,
i need to do it at 3:00pm chile time. i am not sure what time that is in Arizona, also look out because i think in chile they are going to change the hour (maybe sunday but im not sure, the safest bet is to look up the time difference sunday). i hope it is not during church for you guys,
i am doing great, i still use a bike which is odd because, its not common to be on a bike in our mission, but i will be on a bike for more than a year of my mission.
we are working hard, i am very focused, and i am exited to talk this sunday.
i love you guys, and i hope that you are doing great!!!
Elder Nelson

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