May 30, 2011

Hey, i am doing great, we are working hard and trying to stay focused. i will not lie The Lord has given me a challenge with my compañero and it has been difficult. even the members are mad at me because i wont let us spent time all day in the house of the members. but overall we are doing good and i am still learning a lot from the experiences that i am having. it sounds like you guys are enjoying the cabin and the Razor. it is getting cooler here, but no rain which i am thankful for.
we had a very spiritual experience last night. a convert that we baptised last month that is 80 years old, baptised his wife that also has 80 years. the spirit was so strong and it was great to see the Gospel change a family like them, in that faze of there lives. change can be hard, even for someone that is young and has not had 80 years of devout Catholic believes, and has been leaders in the Catholic community here in Curacaví.
the month of June should be a wet month, speaking in missionary terms, so i am excited.
love you guys and will talk to you later.
Elder Nelson

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