July 30th, 2009

Dear Family,

I did get to go to the temple on Wed which was amazing. The spanish is hard. I feel like the more I learn the less I know. But I am sure it will come to me. I am doing good (I still miss you very much) and am getting stronger and more focused as the days go on. The biggest change is I now have a strong desire to know as much about the scriptures as I can. I love them! It comes in part from one of my teachers Hmo. Hansen. He is a great guy, my favorite teacher by far. He has only been off his mission 7 months and knows the scriptures like no one I have ever seen. I wish I had more time to just read the scriptures. Tell Dad I love him and I really miss the time we got to spend together. I hope Bre and Chad are doing well. Thanks for everything! I love letters! Tell everyone to write and I am sorry to those I don't have time to write.

Elder Nelson

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