October 26, 2009

Hi family! thank you for the letters! i am really really sorry but i am going to have to cut this really short i have been having some problems with myldsmail and it deleted the email i sent to you (a really long one i swear) and the one i sent to dad. thank you some much for your emails and for the package i did get it this last tuesday! this week has been great, one of the best i have had. we had a baptism this sunday my first! and i got the opportunity to be the one to baptize, it was a great experience. well i love you all and am really sorry i dont have time to write more but i am going to try and send some photos also. by the way i am staying in batuco with the same comp.
Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. Yippee! This is so awesome. What a wonderful way to start your mission! Congratulations Tyler. Love ya!