October 19, 2009

Hi! Hows it going ! it has been a great week! first of all i want to say happy birthday to Dad, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i got you something but you will have to wait a little while because im not sure how to send it yet. but you will get it sometime, it just may be in two years. Sorry for that, but i am thinking of you. i dont know where my graduation thing is sorry, i thought it was in my closet somewere. i didnt get your package yet, but i get them on tuesday along with the dearelders and letters so if it came this past week then i will get them tomorrow. the most difficult thing for me right now is the spanish, but i am learning more and more everyday. i wish i was able to say everything that i wanted to say but thats ok because the spirit is what teaches not me. we have a posibility for a baptism this next sunday, so i am supper excited about it, just to be here, even though i dont understand much and cant say much, just to see the gospel change peoples lives is a great blessing. today on our pday we got the opportunity to go to TGI Fridays with a member, felipe and his wife, they are the ones that we are renting part of their house from. it was great to be able to have some american food! even though they ¿chileainised? it, so it was very different. it was nice to have something that doesnt have avacado on it, because they put it on everything here. they drove us into santiago to the rich part where they have all the american stores and restaurants, we were going to go bowling also but we didnt have time. we actually transfer every six weeks, so this week could be my last week in batuco, but i really hope i stay here for another transfer, because i like the country and the people here. but i will go were i need to go and do what i need to do. we got to speak in church this last week, the whole meeting just me and my comp. very interesting. i spoke on the atonement which is a very dear subject to me, and i was hoping for the spirit to make up for my bad spanish. let bre know that she can email me if she wants also, the pres. lets us email anyone we want, we just have to email him first, our family next, then whoever else. but not important, i love getting letters as well. well i think that thats all, the work is going forward with all speed here and i am super excited to be a part of it. Love you all and will try to send you pictures next week. ¡hasta luego!
(Your Favorite son on a mission)Elder Tyler (and Two names i try and wear with honor)David Nelson

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  1. I hope your baptisms go through for this Sunday. That's great! Wow, you already had to speak for th entire meeting? Good job! We'll be looking forward to hear about your next transfer, and see if you stay there.