October 12, 2009

Hola! Como Esta! i didnt get the package lo siento, i will try and send pictures next week. i might get it tomorrow because i get all the letters and packages on tuesday of everyweek. well everything is going great here, me and my comp are getting to know each other here, i lost 13 POUNDS which is crazy(since the MTC). which is way cool. we have some great investigators that we are teaching. we have two that if they would just get married then they would get baptized, we are working on it. we had our mission conference and interviews this week, which was great i am always happy to see President May and Sister May. im glad that you had fun on your califonia trip, i have always wanted to go to six flags. i hope the Jones are doing great! and nick also. also i was wondering if you could get me grandma and grandpas email (both nelson and sheldon) that would be great. writing letters is a little difficult because we have to go into colina or santiago to mail them, and Grandma and Grandpa wrote me and i would love to write them back. anyway if you read this thank you so much for your letter it was great to hear about your hikes and tripes. i also got your dearelder mom, about the roosevelt trip this past tuesday, i loved getting that letter also thank you so much. anyway the people here are great, i really love it here and would not want to be anywere else. we have talked to some great people and had some very interesting contactos. but my favorit part is seeing peoples faces change when you share the message of the restored gospel with them. here there are alot of churches that remind me of the baptist church. they have local bands that play and get kind of crazy, for example in the park on sunday there was this band playing and a guy up there yelling HE LIVES! over and over(very interesting) all night. it is quite a difference and it just sucks the spirit right out of the atmosphere. their reaction was funny though when we walked right past them. but i understand more and more spanish everyweek, but it is still difficult, it is getting better, much better. President May gave me some great advice and it has really helped me learning the language. i had Elder Ojeda email me some pictures from conference that i am going to try and send to you, i might just end up just forwarding it to you. anyway it is of me and my comp and some of our zone, but not all, and one random person that just happened to be there,and then the other pic is of two sisters in our zone who we got the pic from, so enjoy. well have a great week hopefully i will get that package by the way i did send the camera type to dad, anyway not important. love you! talk to you next week.
Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. Yeah Elder Nelson. He sounds busy and happy and wonderful. Great to hear he loves his area. He sounds like he's been there for months, comfortable and engaged. Love ya Elder Nelson, you're in our prayers!
    Aunt Lori