October 5, 2009

Hola! hows it going! Conference was great! my favorite was Elder Holland about the book of mormon. it was one of the most powerful talks that i have ever heard. well now to start on the questions. well it is still kind of cold here but it is starting to warm up. which is great because the people here dont know what insilation is. i wish i could send you some pictures of the place. we have bikes which is cool, you only get them if you are out in the country side. it takes us like 45 mins. to get into santiago, but i feel like it is a long ways away. i feel settled in for the most part, the food is good here when we eat with the members, we have a member that does our laundry which is great. conference was fantastic, i have never gotten so much out of it before, i felt like they talked alot about charity or love which is cool because that is the focus this cambia for us. that idea for christmas is great i really do want a jersey. today for pday we played football with my zone. it was a lot of fun, there were only 3 white people there the rest were latinos and are way good. it was great to hear about the game i hope hamilton does well this year and doesnt blow it later on like they did my senior year. i can listen to any hymns and i was wondering if you could send me if its not to expensive a cd player and some small speakers, with some mormon tab. if it is to expensive then please dont and i will try and get it here. i dont want you to have to spend too much money. for the most part i have enough for what i need, i did take out some money (80 i think) because i am supposed to have some for emergences. and i wanted some out incase i wanted something like a shirt or something. but im trying to not spend any money of my own. we live in the house of this member family who is building this big house right next to us. we use part of their old house. its nice and not in to bad of shape( the bathroom is interesting, the shower didnt really work but we are working on it). well not much left to tell. we are teaching a few great people right now, im still searching for that first baptism, we have one getting close and 2 that if they would just get married they would be baptized. the members are great, we rented a bus to take us to colina for the conference with all the members we had 2 investigators come with us on sunday, which is super bueno! well i hope i got to all your questions sorry if i missed any. love you all talk to you next week!

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  1. Wow, he's already into the swing of things! He sounds like he is doing very well there.