December 14th, 2009

Hows it going? it sounds like you all are having a great time. i am have the greatest time of my life, i learn so much everyday its crazy. my new comps name is Elder Fuller from Utah, and my new area is in downtown santiago. it is not the worst area poor wise, in batuco my last sector the people live off of nothing. but its a lot more faster here. i like my new comp. he is different so, it takes some getting used to but he has a lot of experience and is super spiritual and we are going to have a lot of success together. by the way i get to call you on the 25. i am going to try and call between 2 and 2:30 in the afternoon, arizona time( the only problem is i cant remember if we are two hours ahead or what.but i am going to ask someone from arizona tomorrow) anyway i can call for 40 and am going to call from a pay phone with a calling card i think. also our next pday (the day that i can email you) in going to be on the next jueves, because of the holiday. but i am very excited for the navidad because a lot more people turn there hearts twords christ at this time of the year. we get to go to the temple also in the next two weeks its going to be wonderfull to have the opportunity. the mission is doing things for the navidad tambien, como vamos a tener una fiesta o algo como así en la casa de mision, con comida y misionaros van a cantar y todo, será bakan. :) just kidding i will write in english, but it is getting harder and harder to think in english, which is a good thing. it means the spanish is coming along, but a still have much to learn. well i will talk to you next week, i might beable to write on monday also really quick in order to verify for the call but im not sure. well love you all and have a great week, ( chad you are huge, but i can still beat you up)
Elder Tyler David Nelson


  1. Awesome Elder Nelson! I'm glad you're close to the mission home for Christmas time, it usually means more activities with the missionaries, and that is a good time. I'm glad you're enjoying your new area, and that you're already thinking in Spanish! Muey Bien!

  2. I love reading your Spanish! Write more in Spanish, please :-)