December 28th, 2009

Hey family! hows it going! i am doing great it was great to talk to you guys. it sounds like you are having fun at the cabin. i cant believe jessie typed up the conversation and put it on the web. thats way cool, i am so happy, and greatfull, she has been doing stuff like that. i will try and help out more by sending more pictures and writing a little bit more, the only bad part is i forgot my camera, so i will have to wait till next time to start, lol sorry, not off to a good start. i have some good pictures of the temple and christmas and the house here in independencia that i want to send. today i just got back from playing soccer. we play sometimes 3 times a week in the morning very early so we can get back for studies. its tons of fun my comp elder fuller is great, be for the mission he was semi-pro. la verdad! he has been on the mission for a year and a half so he is not as good as he was but, still he is better than most latins that we play and thats saying something. i got to say it has been hard this last transfer with elder fuller, he had a terrible comp the last two transfers and the doctors say it gave him depression, im not kidding. but we are working on it and i almost got him back to his old self i think. it was great today, because it was the first time in a while that he really wanted to go play soccer, which is a great change. it have been a great challenge for me because i am still kind of new and and i have had to lead a lot. but we are working hard the the lord has blessed us. just the other day we got a reference of a man who is very ready to recieve the gosple. but all is well and i have learned some great lessons. i am doing great and i love it here. thanks for all the love and support. i have learned that as we do all we can and are exactly obedient, we may still experience disapointments but we will not be disapointed in ourself. (PME creo) it was great to here from chad and breanna! and jessie and kevin i receive letters from them alot, thanks so much for the letters and emails it means alot, and sorry that i never write back, i will try and do so in the future.

Elder Nelson

P.S. chad what in the world is proactive lol, and sorry for the car, but.........not my problem. jk lol just be thankful you have a car.

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