December 24th, 2009

We were expecting Elder Nelson to call on the 24th, between 9-1:00 AZ time. The family even left half a day early to rush up to the cabin so that they would be in service when he called. Right as they got to the cabin, Mom got this email... So, instead he'll be calling Christmas day! We found out later that in Chile, they celebrate Christmas starting the 24th (at midnight- the first hour of the 25th).
ok i hope that you guys get this. i made a mistake in my last email, i am going to call on the 25, tomorrow, we are going to use these little cards that we have so i hope that it all works out, if not i will talk to you next year!! :) just kidding, it has been crazy lately with the navidad, we had a big activity at the mission home with like half the missioneries in our mission. the work is hard and i have hit a difficult time in the mission, with the new comp, because he has minor depression. but he is a great missionary and i learn tons every day, its just..... difficult. pero voy a seguir adelante. ( i will keep moving forward). i love you all and hope you all have a fantastic christmas morning. and i will talk to you tomorrow if all works out. and i hope you are not freeking out thinking that i am going to call today. chow chow, les quiero muchisimo. (i now the spelling is bad in espaƱol also) lol
Elder Nelson

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  1. Merry Christmas to Elder Nelson! We love you, and hope your Christmas is wonderful.